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Sarcastic and bitchy pictures – Humor with an attitude

Sarcastic and bitchy pictures – Thank goodness Friday is here, and passed this point you’ve earned the right to sail crap-free until next Monday. That’s right, as of now persecutors will no longer be granted the silent treatment, and despite any prior warning, who ever insists on running his little mouth will discover that everything comes at a price (this often will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and how high the latter will be is up to you). Need a little inspiration or wish to sharpen up a bit your skills? Search no more, and come take a peek at our latest edition of sarcastic and bitchy pictures.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead and a wicked PMSLweb moment!

Sarcastic and bitchy pictures

I actually gave a shit earlier sarcastic quote

I don’t repeat gossip so listen carefully humor

Funny old enough to know better

Fun fact about alcohol and phones

If you ran like your mouth you’d be in good shape sarcastic quote

If you have a problem with me call me – Sarcastic and bitchy pictures

Let’s just mind our own business today meme

When you’re forced to hang out with regular people humor

Just because a girl’s bitchy sarcastic quote

Currently helping my son search for his chocolate funny quote

I need a stronger word than f*ck sarcastic quote

Leave Santa for the rest of us funny quote – Sarcastic and bitchy pictures

Have you tried anal bleaching meme

Stop making stupid people famous Paris Hilton meme

Shit ton is my favorite unit of measurement funny quote

I know I said hi sarcastic quote

Funny sarcastic Windows 10 joke

What my face does when you talk sarcastic quote – Sarcastic and bitchy pictures

Knowing when to shut the hell up sarcastic quote

I learn from the mistakes of people who took my advice funny quote

There’s 2 sides to every story funny quote

You can’t get blood from a stone sarcastic humor

You can’t be ugly and play hard to get meme – Sarcastic and bitchy pictures

You presented yourself as a fart funny meme

This shall pass funny quote

People who say bae funny quote

That moment you realize you need a girlfriend meme

Caution do not feed the attention whore sign – Sarcastic and bitchy pictures

Nosy bitches be like sarcastic humor

Guess who doesn’t give a shit sarcastic humor

Funny last day of school sarcasm

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