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Sarcastic bash – Funny sarcasm at its finest

Sarcastic bash – Hump day is the perfect occasion to unleash the nutcase beast which often remains in standby deep inside you. While you often do your best to keep the latter sedated (and we all know how hard that can turn out to be), letting it take an occasional wild spin insures you a certain level of insanity at the end of the day, let’s be honest! So why resist any longer?

Wishing you a kick-butt PMSLweb moment!

Today I’m going to kick a**

May your coworkers never find out ecard at

Did you try unblessing it for 30s meme at

Forgiving you means ecard at

Funny stripping advert at

Jesus wrong wheel meme – Sarcastic bash at

Do not answer ecard at

How many legs does a chicken have ecard at

Sarcastic joke at

Lame meeting ecard at

STFU jar – Sarcastic bash at

Funny free phone trap  at

You dumba** end of work email at

And the tree was like humor at

You need to eat a snickers ecard at

Funny fish trying to evolve – Sarcastic bash at

I can’t answer the phone right now ecard at

Funny God said not to eat the fruit at

My name is dipshitidiot at

Calm your whore moans at

Hide and F*ck yourself – Sarcastic bash at

Funny graph use of the word holy at

IDGAF graph at

As you can see here FU at

Sarcastic diet ecard at

Funny dermatologists hate her at

I used to think that I was bi-polar quote – Sarcastic bash at

Sarcastic dermatologists hate her at

F*ck you gummy bear gif at

Funny professional f*ck you at

C’est la fuckin’ vie at

A**hole myth busters meme at

I love you baby sarcastic meme – Sarcastic bash at

Bless your heart sarcasm at

Funny customers who bought this at

F*ck you folks at

(Not our conclusion to you obviously… but hey , best ending ever on a sarcasm tainted post !)

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