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Sarcastic pics – Throat punch and thirsty Thursday

Sarcastic pics – The choice is yours, what direction you’ll give to your Thursday directly depends on you, but whatever you decide please keep in mind that stress-relief is the key. It’s no secret that on our soft spot tends to be sarcasm; and while we do our best not to overflow you with it on a daily basis, from time to time the temptation is too strong and we can no longer resist (Please bear with us).

Wishing you in all cases a devilish PMSLweb moment!

Throat punch Thursday – Sarcastic pics at

Mark people as spam – Sarcastic pics at

Make mummy proud ecard at

Last time I saw a face like yours Grumpy cat at

Crazy clothes in the 80s ecard at

I do 5 sit-ups every morning ecard at

You go the new iPhone but your fridge is empty at

Your lack of swearing ecard – Sarcastic pics at

I’m on 500mgs of fukitol at

Springle meme at

50 shades of IDGAF – Sarcastic pics at

Sugarless vegan brownies humor at

Reading kids facebook statuses ecard at

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Introduce your upper to your lower lip at

Marital rating scale – Sarcastic pics at

Volunteer prostitute quote at

The door to who cares ecard at

By cool I mean I don’t give a sh*t ecard at

Stupid Facebook post meme at

Do not underestimate my ability – Sarcastic pics at

WTF happened ecard at

I will not keep calm at

Pinch me and I’ll punch you in the face at

Back seats drivers lesson at

Suing Budweiser ecard  at

I feel the need to reach out – Sarcastic pics at

You cannot possibly fathom ecard at

One day my patience will run out at

Hating you quote at

You’re the jelly to my burger at

Exhaustipated ecard at

Back in my day we drunk underage at

Your drama credit card – Sarcastic pics at

My level of sarcasm quote at

Forgive and forget ecard at

Having sex with a horse is legal tweet at

Ignorance is a bliss at

Instagram model agency at

James Van der Beek clapping – Sarcastic pics at

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