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Saturday funnies – A few chuckles free of charge

Saturday funnies – We hope that you won’t mind if we quickly interrupt your overbooked and obviously thrilling weekend schedule in order to submit to your appreciation a new gallery of Saturday funnies. Indeed we did do our best to try and resist, but the temptation was finally too strong, so please bear with us.

We hope that the weekend has been treating you right so far and wish you a stirring PMSLweb moment!

Mythology humor – Saturday funnies at

Moe Lester funny name at

Your emoticon helped me funny quote at

Japanese google translation funny at

Leather plated crocs meme at

Go camping they said – Saturday funnies at

Being a programmer joke at

Funny woman’s poem at

If you’re happy and you know it that’s a sin at

Medieval spam – Saturday funnies at

Five dollars worth of gas joke at

The sound of silence at

Bullsh*t remover at

Word clippy toilet humor at

C’est la f*cking vie – Saturday funnies at

The truth about shooting stars funny at

Internet explorer and Halloween humor at

What text replies really mean at

Moron city sign – Saturday funnies at

The human body in HTML and PHP at

Unhappy meal Grumpy cat at

Zombie sex slave funny  at

Whiskey toothpaste – Saturday funnies at


Shut the f*ck up jar at

I read recipes the same way I read science fiction at

Funny stuck cat at

Female bodybuilder meme – Saturday funnies at

I love Spanish humor at

Meanwhile on Mars at

Superman versus single for 27 years at

Prehistoric tattoo cartoon at

Toilet humor at

Do you have a moment to talk about the legend of Zelda at

Bird tweeting humor – Saturday funnies at

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