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Saturday funnies – Your weekend delivery of nonsense

Saturday funnies – We hope that your weekend has been living up to your expectations so far – whatever the latter were- and if you are interested in enhancing your Saturday with a few extra giggles, we might just have what you need! Once more we have decided to treat you to a handful of lighthearted weekend giggles, so please feel free to scroll a little further in order to see what we have in stock for you today.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a chuckle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Spontaniouse funny name fail – Saturday funnies

Akon’s real name humor

When your mum wants you to talk to relatives humor

Ibrahimofish meme

Funny penguin plane escape

When your girl texts we need to talk humor

Funny jack and coke cartoon

What text replies really mean humor – Saturday funnies

Funny Russian eye check-up joke

ATM machine humor

WTF kid’s hairstyle

Dealing with her father like a boss humor

Funny cat caught in action

Bubbly chocolate humor

When you’re dead funny booty pic – Saturday funnies

Funny real women have meat on them

Fuq yu meen funny Asian name

I wanna be one of the well dressed hoes on Instagram humor

Funny I thought she was being kidnapped

Funny kid’s answers about my father

Funny surveillance camera reality

When you hit your pinky toe humor – Saturday funnies

Why this guy is not having sex tonight joke

Funny bae come over gif

Brazil world cup stadium joke

Funny when you catch the person who always sends you candy crush invits

Funny when your side chick wants to take a pic

Surviving a police encounter humor

Pledging allegiance when you have no flag humor – Saturday funnies

Hilarious celebrity mash-ups

When you knock at my door and didn’t call first humor

How to find the name of a song humor

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