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Saturday LOL – Let us enhance your weekend

Saturday LOL – For all those of you who have fully or partially decided to dedicate your weekend to procrastinating, please find bellow our selection of Saturday funnies. Sometimes the best weekends turn out to be those where nothing specific was planned, but nonetheless, giggles should always be part of the equation.

Wishing you a cheerful PMSLweb moment!

Can I ask a dumb question – Saturday LOL at

Fast sourdough bread at

Hand signals guide at

What I did over the weekend funny quote at

I you fight 4 animals Facebook humor at

Still safer than flying Malaysian airlines humor at

Engagement ring in gopher hole funny – Saturday LOL at

Waiting for the shower water to warm up funny at

Funny pumpkin spice durex at

The night out vs the morning after at

Chinese tattoo fails at

Weather these days humor at

Brass knuckle coffee mug at

Funny fire safety – Saturday LOL at

Beam me up Scotty fail at

How to catch a cat humor at

You on the internet versus in real life at

When I want to kiss humor at

Scumbag bird meme at

McDonald’s versus natural humor – Saturday LOL at

Stupid suitcase humor at

Stealing grandfathers funny at

When we cuddle humor at

Only skinny people can wear crop tops at

Your crush posted on your wall humor

Funny portion plate – Saturday LOL at

He got stoned funny cartoon at

Danish word for poop humor at

Mary had a little lamb humor at

My uncle discovered photoshop humor at

Lake nope meme at

Funny spider chart – Saturday LOL at

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