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Saturday lolz – Our weekend collection of funny pics

Saturday lolz – If you have a little free time ahead of you before slipping into your weekend activities (or if you have decided to dedicate part or whole of the latter to chilling online) and are in the mood for a few chuckles, why not take a few and check out what wacko pictures we have in stock for you today? Depending on your time zone, you may accordingly wish to grab a beverage of your choice beforehand, in order to maximize the rib-tickling experience.

Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

When you don’t know the answer to an exam question humor – Saturday lolz

I can’t dance to save my life funny quote

Funny imagine the pizza this thing came with

What famous cartoon characters would look like now

Brexit lose pounds instantly humor

I never delete text messages funny quote – Saturday lolz

You have a dirty mind magnum humor

If you don’t text your girlfriend back funny quote

Funny Bieber Amazon suggestion

The time it takes me to reply to text messages humor

Rooster would tap that funny cartoon

When you refer to your baby in months meme – Saturday lolz

Funny you have a dirty mind neck edition

Other people in the morning versus me funny quote

The person who overfills truffles at Lindt will get fired humor

I’ve never been more stressed out humor

Women never forget humor – Saturday lolz

Funny welcome to the friendzone

Bitches be like waking up no filter meme

Like if you know someone you’d kick up the ass with a pair of these

When you’re 40 with no kids humor

When you can’t afford to hire a horseman funny gif

I’m going to be a backwards stripper funny quote – Saturday lolz

When someone asks where you’ve lost something humor

Law and order is Scooby doo for adults meme

When the paper sticks to your candy humor

Female fakir funny cartoon

Funny what you look like when you miss the point

There were two kinds of prehistoric men funny cartoon – Saturday lolz

Definitely not going to prom with you funny fail

Getting out of bed ruins the whole day funny quote

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