Saturday nonsense – Your weekend edition of funny pics

Saturday nonsense – The weekend being a propitious ground as far as procrastinating is concerned, please allow us to humbly contribute to your cause by submitting to your appreciation our latest edition of humorous findings. Once more, our most recent hours of world wide web scavenging have borne fruit, and we are delighted to be able to share yet another collection of amusing pictures with you.

Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment!

National asshole awareness day humor – Saturday nonsense

Mexican’s training for Donald Trump’s wall funny gif

As soon as she sneezes humor

Local supermarket joke

When your girl pays more attention to makeup than you humor

Remember the kid who fell in the gorilla tank humor

Funny tanned and ready to party fail – Saturday nonsense

Funny twitter spelling fail burn

When you’ve been eating her out adult joke

I just found my new fitness center meme

The Simpsons predicted the gorilla story humor

This stapler has gone places humor

Granny versus grandpa joke – Saturday nonsense

It’s a boy joke

Funny guy shaped like crash bandicoot

The reason why your dick looks 18 humor

I’m not breaking up with you humor

Funny road work logic meme

Funny mother’s text message answers – Saturday nonsense

That moment when mom returns from the market meme

Where will you read this summer humor

When you’re done with humans humor

When your chick takes off her makeup humor

Funny she broke her spine trying to have an ass

Trying to get someone’s food humor – Saturday nonsense

She’s adding too much salt humor

Funny fund me fail

Funny grandma is a living clickbait article

When your mom drives past McDonalds humor

The internet is a wonderful place funny quote – Saturday nonsense