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Scary Stories – A spooky and creepy Halloween treat

Scary Stories – Halloween is known to be the moment of the year, where not only do people gladly submit themselves to a traditional crazy and wicked dressing up session (which usually tends to pair up gorgeously with a handful of beverage fuelled giggles), but also find an unhidden pleasure in freaking themselves out after nightfall, with creepy stories and/or scary movies. After treating you to a collection of dedicated Halloween funnies yesterday, today we’ve decided to take you down the other lane, the dark and spooky one….

Wishing you a bloodcurdling PMSLweb moment!

Scary page warning – Scary stories at

Creepy eye at

Creepy keyhole story at

Scary possessed girl at

3am scary story at

Bats and scary moon at

Cellphone creepy story – Scary stories at

You’re going to die here at

There’s something on the stairs at

Exorcist gif at

Creepy falling story at

Creepy night creature at

A mother’s love story – Scary stories at

Haunted Mona Lisa at

The licked hand story at

Night demon picture at

Haunted webpage at

Possessed little girl at

The photographs – Scary stories at

The past is never dead at

Strange mannequin story at

Scary possessed lady at

Scary facts about ghosts at

Creepy little girl in the mirror at

The man in the snow – Scary stories at

Scary demon in bed at

Reflection story at

Creepy shadow at

Staring woman story at

Possessed little girl at

The Stamp creepy story at

The nightmare never ends at

Python creepy story – Scary stories at

Scary forest creatures at

Hospital wristband story at

Creepy demon at

Soldier story at

Eyes in the dark at

Silence - Scary stories at

Creepy animated pig at

Mental patients bus story at

Creepy window at

My sleeping wife creepy story at

Creepy clown at

Hello there creepy story at

Scary woman in stairs at

Scary captivity story – Scary stories at

Creepy shadow at

Japanese ghost story at

Skeleton that’s all folks at

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