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SFF – Special Facebook Friday – 16/03/12

SFF – Special Facebook Friday – A pleasant way to start off the weekend has always been to spend a little time on our favorite social network aka Facebook to catch up with friends, hear about the latest gossip, share plans etc… but at the same time it’s in the human nature to get a kick out of those who are kind enough to summit epic status fails and show us an insight of their glorious knowledge. Of course when that occurs, you can always count on your friends, not to help you out or stick up for you, but to take you down and make sure you stay there!
Wishing you a marvelous PMSLweb moment.
loving you for what you are
an explosive combo
al qaeeda who
aspen, child or dog name
women conceived to cook
it will end the same way anyway
loving your friends mum fail
gollum on facebook
aragorn on facebook
shower butt hole accident
Helping haiti fail
Your spelling bro
teacher facebook fail
mum on facebook cum on
will grandma be alive
go away dad
grammar fail
Hitler on facebook
men are like bubble gum
the bible prones silence
society sexist fail
facebook home alone
what is my wife up to
dog driving accident
lance is crazy about you
one night stands are dangerous
black and white polar bear
being a parent
the ultimate sibbling revenge
facebook mafia wars
sluttering is IN
social network actors
when dad plays how did we meet
big girls don't cry

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