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SFF- Special Facebook Friday – 24/02/2012

SFF- Special Facebook Friday – As usual once every fortnight it’s time to treat you to a few Facebook funnies just because…well we cannot resist right? We love’em, you love them too and let’s be honest they make us feel so…normal? A level above? Whatever, you know what I mean!
to some point
She will always bust you
what on earth?
Will you type it
We all do it
You should never
the chubby files
listen to me girl
not the real deal
the Nintendo files
in all cases
smells like the real thing
Daddy rules
seriously it really is
family is important
scary aren't they
you need a new friend
it's a bit too late
you love captcha
Well he is your dad
only takes a few gals
as simple as that
another collector
hardcore criminal
Busted by mum
taking the time to recall
pay respect
and so little time
use it wisely
a new trend?
you should give it a try
one for the geeks
as a kid we didn't see it this way
he moaned
save the bacon
It hurts right
puppy love
Facebook knows
You ever doubted?
and it will go on
captcha family
you knew the risks
True love
Asian dilemna

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