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Facebook funnies – Special Facebook Friday – 27/01/2012

Facebook funnies – Let’s be honest, most internauts will start their day off by login onto Facebook…. what have your neighborhood, childhood or international buddies been up to these past hours, have you missed out on some important piece of data or event during the night (maybe an actor passed away or your best mate baked a kick-butt cake…worst case scenario an acquaintance got engaged or broke up ), is there an important birthday on your calendar you just can’t allow yourself to miss.. or even a life affecting PM you urgently need to attend to? So here’s a little compilation of the finest humor as found on and about Facebook, because the leading social network never ceases to entertain us. Makes you feel pretty good about yourself deep down inside doesn’t it?


Titanic FB
John Potter
Prom fail
FB sad,ess
The bone
FB Jail
Mario versus Luigi
Invisible friend
Mark Pokes
Playing on Words
Cat Talk - Facebook funnies at
Ending FB convos
Status Power
FB Pension - Facebook funnies at
Last FB Update

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