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Silly Sunday – Your dominical funny picture gallery

Silly Sunday – The reality may be slightly harsh, but indeed the weekend is already hitting its end and let’s face it Monday is already on the back of most people’s minds. In order to soften the blow, a little humor should always be considered, so if you have a few minutes to spare why not give our latest edition of Sunday funnies a shot?

Wishing you a chillax Sunday and a lighthearted PMSLweb moment!

I swear like a sailor funny quote – Silly Sunday

Funny definition of courage

White gorilla humor

Insert disk two funny meme

Lady in labour adult joke

Wife works the corner adult joke – Silly Sunday

Worst carpet choice funny meme

That overly cheerful co-worker humor

Funny business bulge advertising

When you move out and start making your own food humor

Crocodile avenges gorilla humor

Gun control debate and kinder eggs funny tweet – Silly Sunday

Hilarious poor man rich man adult joke

Funny curling iron fail

Pope Francis is the high sparrow

Wife packed me hard boiled eggs for lunch meme

Funny sexy time prank – Silly Sunday

Funny army new recruit joke

I would leave the house more often sarcastic quote

Funny photoshop me into space prank

Funny barber Panini beard design

You need a new liver funny demotivational picture

I lost my iPad funny fail – Silly Sunday

When she cheats and you take her back humor

Standing in a queue behind a very fat lady joke

My entire vocabulary on one card humor

Allergies funny cartoon

I wish people came with previews meme

Moms are so fake when people come over humor – Silly Sunday

Funny photosynthesis quote

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