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St Patricks Day humor – Premium Irish nonsense

St Patricks Day humor – Well March 17th it is, and if you’re not aware of what today’s date stands for then I guess that… you’re probably not Irish, right? To be completely honest, neither are we, but we do try our best to keep an open mind as much as possible… and let’s face it, some causes feel closer to home than others!

Long story short, today a fair part of the world will be celebrating the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (no idea who the dude is? One of our previous funny St Patrick pictures posts will tell you more), and the best way we’ve found to do so is to get completely wasted (don’t ask…)… Before letting our inner demons go for a spin, who else is up for a few good old St Paddy funnies? Well the time has come to get scrolling then!

Wishing you a wild St Patrick’s day and a chucklesome PMSLweb moment!

St Patricks Day humor

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