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Star Wars humor – Do not under estimate the nonsense

Star Wars humor – With four and a half months to go before the release of “The Force awakens” (December 18th), the long awaited Disney powered seventh episode of the Star Wars saga, which will see the return of notorious original cast members such as Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Anthony Daniels (C3-P0), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and Kenny Baker (R2D2), and…. the public’s verdict; there was no reason why we wouldn’t kill time a little with a look back at some of the funnies which are already viral and living a life of their own.

May the force be with you at

Star Wars humor at

Dumb wars Star Wars parody at

Do you think this is Game of Thrones Star Wars humor at

Vader thinks your throat needs a hug meme at

Charge your iPhone with your breath Vader meme at

Jedi entrance only meme at

Coexist sci-fi version at

Funny Harrison Ford plane crash – Star Wars humor at

Use the fork humor at

Heimlich maneuver Vader humor at

Funny fake Star Wars episodes at

Storm trooper laundry accuracy at

Leia and Jabba better bondage story than 50 shades of Grey humor at

Star Wars airport humor at

Funny shoe bacca – Star Wars humor at

Luke I am your father soldier meme at

The only people who don’t like Star Wars quote at

Funny Harrison Ford flight meme at

DJ Leia humor at

Enlist today funny vader propaganda at

Funny 2Pac in Star Wars at

Funny Mickey Mouse and Luke skywalker meme – Star Wars humor at

R2D2 wrong folder humor at

Bring your child to work day Vader meme at

Darth vader free throat hugs at

Jedi’s witnesses humor at

Luke Skywalker apple maps meme at

Sarcastic Star Wars episode poster at

Your opinions according to Yoda graph – Star Wars humor at

Star Wars fan’s love for George Lucas graph at

Star Wars rings at

Funny storm trooper logic at

Funny Yoda has unfriended us on Facebook at

Leia is a Disney princess at

Luke I ate your father meme – Star Wars humor at

You can be cool darth vader meme at

Funny Star Wars force animated at

Star Wars chips at

Funny Carrie Fisher tweet at

Funny R2D2 pick-up line at

The new death star – Star Wars humor at

Funny jedi force animated at

R2D2 geometry at

Funny darth vader parenting cartoon at

Real life of a stormtrooper humor at

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