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Collection of fun pictures – Starting the week with a smile

A collection of fun pictures – The weekend is sadly over, and most of us now have to survive “at least” five more long days before being able to enjoy the next.
In order to kick-start the week in beauty, here’s a collection of funnies found all over the world wide web, sit back and enjoy!
Wishing you a brilliant PMSLweb moment!

miserable failure
Did not see that coming did we?
new bitch spray
Why not give it a shot!
Pope look alikes
We should seriously start worrying about these…
a ravers dream
Rave parties, you could meet your soul-mate during one
At some point you need to find the real deal
It will be hard, but you can do it
soldier signs humor
Giving a whole new dimension to war movies
Tampax box man
A girl’s best friend
coolpis juice
No I insist, you go first
know the any key
One mystery finally resolved
famous Juan percent
Known worldwide we finally get to see their faces
sperm shaped candy
You know you want to try
gynecologist noob
A devoted man
an apple a day will keep anyone away
Why only the doctor?
take a sleep on her lap
Siesta will never be the same
all you need in the loo
Get ready to have a blast
don't do your brothers wife
Stay clear from your brothers wife and you’ll be alright!
want my number skirt
Will you be lucky enough to get one?
weird celebrity matches
And if the game says so it must be true
a new brans of sexy toothpaste
You’ll never look at your toothpaste the same way
how google location works
How it really works
burglary while watching porn
It was just a normal day…
vodka prizes a Russian Wife
And yes, she comes with a bottle
sexy noodles
Why not treat the kids to pasta tonight?
Drinking the Polish way
No flies on the Pols
I can hear your tone when you type
And don’t try to deny
a pat on the head with a hammer
Rings a few bells doesn’t it?
Bush at his best
A public figure, really?
how to stalk
Stalking: Doing it right
my f ciment
F*cking just call the man will ya!
the weird way you cross the road
Works on the zebra crossing too
SOPA board game
The bad losers should rock at this
a helping hand
Definition of a helping hand
Irish yoga positions
Finally one accessible to all
throw rocks at them
Words of wisdom
you rule you rock
True hardcore
stick men street art
Original street-art
prince charming fail
Prince Charming fails too
So this irishman walks out of a bar
Definition of Fiction
Batman's shadow over the tub
Living in someone’s shadow, a whole new meaning
knowing the difference
Grammar is important
This guy deserves a medal
A model for mankind
you feel loved
Showing some love the modern way
those things our mothers taught us
Yeah we know that made you smile didn’t it?
Learn to spell
We all have at least one friend like this…
bunch of pricks
Advert failing
Lying to women since 1936
Plane safety card humor
Plane safety card decrypted
girls remember everything
And one day, when you least expect it, you will be reminded of this
boats sinking
Going down-under
now you see it now you don't
It’s not rocket science
hate at first sight
Hate at first sight
how he/she sees it
Whatever the species
sleep in the kitchen

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