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Sunday funnies – Coming up: your dose of dominical smiles

Sunday funnies – Did you know that back in the day, being born on a Sunday was considered as being a terrible sin?
Indeed, medical knowledge and understanding of the human body back then being very far from what it is today, if you were born on a Sunday you were believed to have been conceived on one also… problem being that Sunday was to be a sacred day, and people were to stay out of each other’s pants!

Other interesting fact, ever wondered why a Sundae was named that way? Well basically “back in the day” (once more), Ice cream sodas were banned on Sundays – and we complain about ours duh. The soda was the incriminated factor here, so in order not to be too harsh on the people, Ice-cream sodas minus the latter ingredient were sold on that specific day.

Anyway, in our knowledge, nothing yet prohibits us yet from chillin’ in front of a few funny pics, so ….
Wishing you a pleasurable PMSLweb moment!

never eating popcorn again funny meme
still better than apple maps funny meme
spider chip cookies
feeding belly funny
do not dumb here sign
what kind of drunk are you funny
drunk guy youtube costume
my mum once told me funny
hulk and spiderman compare size funny
flowers say I’m sorry quote
bank note kinder egg
wucha thinking about funny
how men really pee funny
hellno kitty
my code doesn’t work funny
my husband is an a**hole demotivational
notice to all employees funny
that is so nasty ecard
cat stuck in setty ecard
PMS stands for
graduating to mcdonalds funny
boys versus girls watching tv funny
until you can do this funny
OK fine I’ll go camping funny meme
my fish died when I wasn’t at home funny
dude your wife keeps checking me out
you have 3 unread messages
park sign fail
douchebag report rating system
san Paulo statue take-off
celebrities compare funny
cat butt gum
survival tracking guide
coffeeology funny
beer troubleshooting chart
chill baby funny gadget
Thomas cook vacations complaints funny
toilet complaint funny meme
parenting fail baby in trolley
fake stunt fail
I don’t know where I would be grumpy cat
you’re engaged to a doctor meme
batman periodic table
funny pub sign
car black hole funny
I’m not calling you a slut ecard
the science of dogs funny

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