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Sunday funnies – Enhance your laze with a few chuckles

Sunday funnies – Welcome to a new dominical edition of funny Sunday pics. Where did our hours of scavenging take us this time round? You’re about to find out; so grab yourself a nice hot or cold beverage (depending of your time zone & current season), kick-off your slippers (well hello, it is Sunday after all) and enjoy!

Wishing you a beam-powered PMSLweb moment !

No salad for Monique – Sunday funnies at

At my friend’s house rage comic at

When I knew I was not favorite meme at

This is getting old funny cat caption at

Blowjob means jewelry funny at

Finding a random bruise graph at

pain associated with knee scrapes graph at

Apostrophe humor at

Pedo bear captcha at

Pirates of the Caribbean poster parody at

When Internet is down graph – Sunday funnies at

Funny sexist rage comic at

Do I give a f*ck funny windows error at

Fox news fail at

Parking troll at

Scumbag geese meme – Sunday funnies at

The pope is coming sign fail at

Clothes shop fail at

Funny Pringles troll at

Don’t take resolutions funny at

Black eyes peas names humor at

Company design rules humor at

Funny cat sprinkler meme – Sunday funnies at

Transformers poster parody at

Water in your ear rage comic at

Pedo bear captcha humor at

Forever alone on Facebook at

Monday morning mug meme at

Insert treat here dog humor – Sunday funnies at

Zoo in Africa Facebook fail at

Short love story joke at

Restaurant website humor at

WTF Craiglist scam at

Effects of drugs funny chart at

When my pen runs out of ink graph – Sunday funnies at

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