Sunday funniness – Unleash the silly pics

Sunday funniness – In the mood for a few gritty chuckles? When Sunday strikes many of us actually will be – and yes, more than we will actually be willing to admit – so why refrain ourselves any longer… let’s just do this! Once more our latest edition of Sunday madness turns out to be a pot pourri of some of the best nonsense available on the world wide web at the moment, so why not come and check the latter out…

Wishing you a chillax Sunday and a mischievous PMSLweb moment!

Funny number of days since I gave a shit – Sunday funniness

I finally quit drinking for good funny quote

When you accidently open a message on Facebook humor

Funny kid menu fail analyze

Funny vegetarian options at family reunion

Two types of shoppers funny meme

Funny sarcastic Winnie the Pooh – Sunday funniness

Fingering the galaxy humor

Funny truth behind LMAO

This is why I wash my fruit funny meme

Why do medications always have side effects

When someone says you ain’t shit humor

Taco bell finally has the proper seating meme – Sunday funniness

A flag more American than the American flag meme

Mushrooms look like they-re gonna spend their life together

Funny flush drive butt plug meme

When you get a girlfriend humor

If I text haha nice funny meme

I don’t have a type funny quote – Sunday funniness

If you need to take 2-30 pictures funny meme

The one brought nothing to the cookout humor

Hilarious dress design fail

The most unfortunate name meme

Funny windows 10 update fail

He’s going to tell us about Jesus again funny cartoon

Funny majestic as f*ck bananas – Sunday funniness

Funny math for grownups cartoon

This could be us adult humor

I’m still alive motherf*cker bird meme

Green day we need you meme

Generation butthurt humor – Sunday funniness

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