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Sunday laughter – Time for some dominical smiles

Sunday laughter – Sunday being the procrastination day by predilection, nothing more normal than to spend time surfing the world wide web. Landing on various pages, depending on which way the wind is blowing. We are proud to be part of your dawdling plan, and it’s with the greatest of pleasures that we shall now submit to your appreciation our daily selection of funnies.

Wishing you a lazy PMSLweb moment!

The Beatles and Sarkozy humor – Sunday laughter at

Breastfeeding my 13 year old at

If at first you don’t succeed sarcastic ecard at

Replace one word in a movie title with shit at

Grand theft Mario parody at

My Xbox recognized my door as player 2 – Sunday laughter at

When your friend’s gas light is on meme at

Worst slide ever meme at

Funny grandmother and mobile phone at

Funny handicorn at

The last character you chose in a video game funny meme at

Funny what console gamers see – Sunday laughter at

The life of a white raven humor at

Love story fail at

Funny vegeta costume at

Funny programmers at

Funny before and after shaving at

Hilarious otter at

Internet grandma trying to read meme at

Funny Leonardo Dicaprio playing card at

Funny mean Girls cast transformation – Sunday laughter at

Funny Yahoo question infidelity clause in pre-nup at

Woman bites off tongue of sex offender at

Education vs big biceps humor at

Kim Kardashian cropped her child out of her selfie at

Hodor, Groot and Chewbacca humor at

I’ve married my mugger wtf news  - Sunday laughter at

Man pushes 114 wotsits up his bottom wtf news at

All aliens are beautiful humor at

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