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Sunday LOL – Your dominical evil spin

Sunday LOL – Because we slowly need to start wrapping our minds around the fact that tomorrow is Monday, and must not allow ourselves to go down without a giggle; here’s a selection of cheeky Sunday funnies. Nonsense is the name of the game as from this point, you’ve been warned.

Wishing you a chillax PMSLweb moment!

Cat I need dis – Sunday LOL at

Funny bastardcard advert at

Jabba one more piece of pie at

Funny before girlfriend vs after girlfriend at

I bet he’s thinking about me funny at

Length of your penis funny graph at

Sorry Wilson meme – Sunday LOL at

Vintage long distance game at

Pooping when the power goes out at

Steve Erwin snake meme at

Your opinion on internet meme at

Funny Christians cartoon at

Funny Fisher Price advert – Sunday LOL at

Facebook burn humor at

Funny how we deal with breakups at

I’m done with Facebook meme at

Another selfie ecard at

Finding flight MH370 humor at

The sight of a woman’s cleavage quote – Sunday LOL at

When you said the dishwasher was loaded ecard at

You don’t know me quote at

NFL action figure at

Baaaa means no at

Anything you say will be used against you ecard at

Funny my mum’s job – Sunday LOL at

Every day of my life funny quote at

Dad owns on Facebook at

When left in the checkout line gif at

Your favorite person quote at

Gay mafia humor at

Football sales humor – Sunday LOL at

Why did the chicken cross the road humor at

Becoming cold hearted funny quote at

I lick my cat humor at

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