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Sunday PMSL pictures – Weekend guffaws

Sunday PMSL pictures – In order to worthily make the most of the laziest day of the week, once more we have put together a collection of some of the latest nonsense available on the World Wide Web; so if ever your plans for today included doing absolutely nothing if not scrolling through riotous pics and other balderdash, you may want to check the latter out. Just the way connoisseurs would suggest opening a bottle of this wine rather than another to sublimate a specific dish, we highly recommend the wearing of pajamas in order to max the experience.

Wishing you a lazy Sunday and a chillax PMSLweb moment!

Where the fuck did the weekend go funny Kermit meme - Sunday PMSL pictures

Funny like & share NO gif

Fidel Castro will not die until America is destroyed funny meme

Funny Diana look alike competition text message

Funny Castro Boy cartoon

Evil Kermit frozen computer screen meme – Sunday PMSL pictures

Funny Facebook first response team

How dick pics were sent before the Internet funny meme

Out of hospital for black Friday funny meme

When you tell grandma you’ll have one meatball funny meme

Deadliest snake in the world funny cartoon

Funny nothing but tears shampoo – Sunday PMSL pictures

How south is South Africa funny meme

You should check your phone funny Evil Kermit meme

Dog is humping the turkey funny text

Something shaddy is going on in this painting funny meme

A brunette at the doctor’s funny joke

Follow the ATM instructions funny gif

You hang up first funny meme – Sunday PMSL pictures

Theft fail funny news clipping

Catching a UFO on camera funny cartoon

Funny cheeseburger in a can meme

Trip to IDONTGIVEAFUCKISTAN funny text message

I know everything funny gif – Sunday PMSL pictures

Santa  doesn’t want milk and cookies adult humor

Even Fidel Castro didn’t survive 2016 funny tweet – Sunday PMSL pictures

Funny wake the fuck up coffee

When you don’t know the answer to a question funny meme

Happy Friday funny Steve Harvey fail

Modern crèche humor – Sunday PMSL pictures

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