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Hilarious dog pictures – A must for any dog lover

Hilarious dog pictures

Hilarious dog pictures – You have to give it to dogs, honestly they probably are the most faithful and loving companion you’ll ever come across. Needless to say though that they innocently will never stop cracking you up, whatever breed you will fall for. Today we’ve decided once more to dedicate a post to these top notch life partners, and ... Read More »

Funny dogs – When our canine friends take control

Live love and bark – Funny dogs at

Funny dogs – Over the years, we often have dedicated posts to the glorious feline community, and have realized that we somehow unintentionally have been neglecting man’s best friend who is just as worthy! Our bad, and sincere apologies for that. Pinky promise that as from now, we’ll make sure to equally devote the time we allocate to our most ... Read More »

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