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Facebook humor – A best of Facebook funnies


Facebook humor – Because rare are those of us who, let’s be honest, do not own a Facebook account, and whether we like it or not are pretty much familiar with its unique and ruthless universe; today on PMSLweb, we’ve decided to dedicate yet another post to the number one social network which, despite numerous overthrowing attempts, remains comfortably lodged ... Read More »

I like you Facebook – Funny pictures dedicated to FB

facebook funny facepalm

I like you Facebook – While Urban Legends have proclaimed that a few recluse indigenous tribes still fail to aknowledge the existance of Facebook – yes while indeed it seems hard to believe, we need to stay open-minded and grant these statements with the benefit of the doubt -the rest of us cannot deny that the social network has become ... Read More »

SFF – Special Facebook Friday – 16/03/12

what is my wife up to

SFF – Special Facebook Friday – A pleasant way to start off the weekend has always been to spend a little time on our favorite social network aka Facebook to catch up with friends, hear about the latest gossip, share plans etc… but at the same time it’s in the human nature to get a kick out of those who ... Read More »

SFF- Special Facebook Friday – 24/02/2012

Busted by mum

SFF- Special Facebook Friday – As usual once every fortnight it’s time to treat you to a few Facebook funnies just because…well we cannot resist right? We love’em, you love them too and let’s be honest they make us feel so…normal? A level above? Whatever, you know what I mean!                     ... Read More »

Facebook funnies – Special Facebook Friday – 27/01/2012

FB Jail

Facebook funnies – Let’s be honest, most internauts will start their day off by login onto Facebook…. what have your neighborhood, childhood or international buddies been up to these past hours, have you missed out on some important piece of data or event during the night (maybe an actor passed away or your best mate baked a kick-butt cake…worst case ... Read More »

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