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Friday PMSL – When Friday 13th strikes

Mike what day is it Friday 13th meme at

Friday PMSL – Do you consider yourself as being superstitious? Maybe do you have a horseshoe hang up somewhere in the house or a rabbit’s foot in the car, stay clear of opal stones which are said to bring bad luck, never walk under a ladder (mind you that also could be perceived as common sense when you think about ... Read More »

Hilarious Friday – An amusing weekend starter kit

Funny drinking alcohol warning at

Hilarious Friday – Welcome to our 8th TGIF edition of funnies for this year 2015. Once more, our endless hours of scavenging have allowed us to put together a potpourri, blending some of the finest humor genres that one can encounter during his time spent procrastinating on the World Wide Web. Time to let go of any remaining inhibitions, and ... Read More »

Funny TGIF pics – When the weekend knocks at your door

Funny my team when I play games at

Funny TGIF pics – Of all the days of the week, no doubt that for a big majority of us, Friday turns out to be by far the most awaited. While we do bear in mind that for a certain amount of the population, the fifth day of the week (for countries who adopted the Monday-first convention) is just a ... Read More »

TGIF guffaws – A Friday collection of funnies

FU fighters meme – TGIF guffaws at

TGIF guffaws – In order to worthily celebrate the upcoming weekend, why not treat your zygomaticus major (aka the facial expression muscle, the culprit that enjoys pulling the angles of your mouth upwards) to a little gym session. In order to do so, bellow we have put at your disposition few workout tools. Wishing you a brilliant weekend ahead and ... Read More »

Friday LOL – Grey matter for your funny bone

Sarcastic onion hack at

Friday LOL – Welcome to PMSLweb’s weekend warp zone. Please be aware that all characters/situations appearing in the following post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons/jerks/morons, IRL or Online, is purely coincidental. Proceed at your own risk… Wishing you a wicked PMSLweb moment! Read More »

TGIF Fun – Friday is here so bring it on

Funny anatomy of a wasp – TGIF fun at

TGIF Fun – As today tends to be the wildest day of the week, no doubt that you should totally be up for a few badass giggles in order to correctly initiate your weekend. Bellow, you shall find our latest selection of TGIF funnies, so let’s start spiking up your mood as from now. Wishing you a crazy weekend ahead ... Read More »

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