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Friday fun – A TGIF collection of funnies

Automatically feeling annoyed when looking at someone – Friday fun

Friday fun – As your weekend mood is slowly settling in (evidently we do realize that for most of those concerned, this probably occurred as soon as you put foot on the floor this morning), you will feel the urge to get distracted by any possible manner increase. Since nonsense will always be a top choice, please feel free to ... Read More »

Silly Friday – Boosting up your funny bone

The internet never forgets at

Silly Friday – While some lucky bastards are already enjoying the premises of a new weekend, many others still have a few hours to pull through (although the general mood should be a far more chillax one). In order to help you waste a little time, please allow us to submit to your appreciation our latest edition of TGIF funnies. ... Read More »

TGIF Fun – Friday is here so bring it on

Funny anatomy of a wasp – TGIF fun at

TGIF Fun – As today tends to be the wildest day of the week, no doubt that you should totally be up for a few badass giggles in order to correctly initiate your weekend. Bellow, you shall find our latest selection of TGIF funnies, so let’s start spiking up your mood as from now. Wishing you a crazy weekend ahead ... Read More »

Friday hilarity – Let us high five the weekend

Maths, not even once – Friday hilarity at

Friday hilarity – Warning : This is not a simulation test! After mentally practicing & preparing yourselves over the past few days, the weekend is finally here, and the time has come to make the most of it. A powerful synonym of weekend being joyfulness, please allow us to help you kick-start the later with our TGIF selection of funnies. ... Read More »

Friday funnies – Celebrating the weekend together

Your daily drama sarcastic humor at

Friday funnies – Obviously, if you are reading these lines, we’re glad to hear that you’ve made it through the week and now only have a short stretch to go before reaching the beloved weekend. For a number of you, the end of the day will also mark the starting point of some well deserved holidays when you can finally ... Read More »

TGIF funnies – A last waltz before the weekend

Do you live here funny door mat? At

TGIF funnies – Kick starting the weekend with a little twist in your hilarity often turns out to be a pretty good plan; so for those of you who tend to agree, please allow us to submit to your appreciation our selection of Friday funnies. Don’t be shy, and let us tempt you… Wishing you a crazy PMSLweb moment! Read More »

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