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TGIF funny pictures – Greeting the weekend with a smile

TGIF funny pictures – While some lucky buggers have already started snuggling their cherished weekend, for a majority of us, a few hours remain before we finally can be reunited with the object of our desire. In order to kill time, we’ve put together a Friday collection of funnies, so why not give it a shot? No doubt that before ... Read More »

Funny TGIF – Our Friday selection of funny pictures


Funny TGIF – Friday is finally here, and after a few hours of intense internet scavenging, the time has come for us to spike up the mood shall we, with a pre-weekend selection of funny pics and gifs. Whatever your plan is for the weekend, we hope that the latter will turn out to be a goodie, and we’d be ... Read More »

TGIF laughter – Kick starting the weekend craze


TGIF laughter- While some of you have already reached Friday evening and have started unwinding after a week of hard labor, others still have a few hours to go and most probably are checking their watches every now and then with impatience. In both cases, no doubt that a few chuckles could turn out to be more than welcome, so ... Read More »

Friday hilarity – A TGIF funny picture collection


Friday hilarity – If you feel the need to treat yourself to a few giggles in order to spike up the mood before getting stuck into yet another wild weekend, you may be tempted to check out what follows. Indeed, after spending the last few hours scavenging the World Wide Web, we’ve put together a little TGIF collection of funnies ... Read More »

TGIF Madness – When the loony bin hits town


TGIF Madness – Time to pick up your straight jacket from the dry cleaner’s, as tonight making a remarkable entrance is in order at the TGIF’s crazy asylum Club party. Beforehand though – and to set the mood – please do not omit to pick up our special delivery of nutcase funnies which you will find bellow and ready to ... Read More »

Friday chuckles – On our way to visit the wicked WE wizard


Friday chuckles – We hope that you’ve made it safely through the week, and that those of you who live up in the Northern Hemisphere are being blessed with a gorgeous summer so far (although moody weather seems to be the name of the game for many these days). Before we get stuck into today’s collection of funnies, may we ... Read More »