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Silly Friday – Boosting up your funny bone

The internet never forgets at

Silly Friday – While some lucky bastards are already enjoying the premises of a new weekend, many others still have a few hours to pull through (although the general mood should be a far more chillax one). In order to help you waste a little time, please allow us to submit to your appreciation our latest edition of TGIF funnies. ... Read More »

Rollicking Friday – Time to flirt with nonsense

Things men do that upset women humor – Rollicking Friday at

Rollicking Friday – For many of you, Friday is a popular synonym of weekend… and a moment when the nonsense-o-meter tends to sky rock (if you are not concerned by the prior statement, be sure that you are not alone, but nonetheless , polishing your funny bone can be done at any given time/moment truly, so….). Long story short, please ... Read More »

TGIF funnies – For a chuckle packed weekend

Sydney opera house humor at

TGIF funnies – Once more, for those of you who aren’t linked to any professional obligations during the two upcoming days, Friday evening should turn out to be synonym of relief and unwinding. Whatever plans you have lined up, the safest way to kick start the weekend should definitely be with a few chortles, so let’s get going… Wishing you ... Read More »

TGIF mischief – The only way to praise Friday

Today is Friday humor at

TGIF mischief – Finally Friday…Now that you’ve put so much effort into waiting for the latter, greeting your favorite day of the week with less than a standing ovation would turn out to be quite unthinkable. Have no fear though and rely on your funny bone, he’s ace when it comes to kick-starting the weekend with style and respect. Wishing ... Read More »

Wacky Friday – Your TGIF source of funnies

This book is asking for trouble meme at

Wacky Friday – No weekend worthy of the name would be considered being kick started without a consequential dose of good mood and giggles. The internet always being a top notch source as far as nonsense is concerned, please allow us to let the latter live up to its reputation with our latest collection of Friday funnies. Wishing you a ... Read More »

Comical Friday – A chuckle packed TGIF collection

Funny batman and real catwoman – Comical Friday at

Comical Friday – For those concerned, why not greet the upcoming weekend with a handful of giggles? Mind you, even in the event that Saturday and Sunday won’t rhyme with leisure or procrastination, there’s absolutely no reason why guffaws should be taken out of the equation, quite on the contrary… so let’s get started. Wishing you a gorgeous weekend ahead ... Read More »

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