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Friday giggles – The best way to start your weekend

CSI where is waldo humor – Friday giggles at

Friday giggles – Thank giggles it’s Friday, and to kickstart the spirit, we have put together a selection of Friday funnies which we hope will contribute as far as setting the mood is concerned. The time has finally come to let your hair hang loose, maybe treat yourself to a delicious drinkie and unleash those wild, impatiently stamping, demons of ... Read More »

Funny Friday collection – Funny pics to set the mood

Married couples favorite sexual position joke – Funny Friday collection at

Funny Friday collection – As we write these lines, minute by minute, the percentage of worldwide population getting hit by the wild “IDGAF Syndrome” is drastically increasing. This condition, which can strike at any given moment or day, does tend to reach its peak on Fridays, and has the power to change any Dr Jekyll into a Mr. Hyde. Far ... Read More »

Hilarious Friday – An amusing weekend starter kit

Funny drinking alcohol warning at

Hilarious Friday – Welcome to our 8th TGIF edition of funnies for this year 2015. Once more, our endless hours of scavenging have allowed us to put together a potpourri, blending some of the finest humor genres that one can encounter during his time spent procrastinating on the World Wide Web. Time to let go of any remaining inhibitions, and ... Read More »

Funny TGIF pics – When the weekend knocks at your door

Funny my team when I play games at

Funny TGIF pics – Of all the days of the week, no doubt that for a big majority of us, Friday turns out to be by far the most awaited. While we do bear in mind that for a certain amount of the population, the fifth day of the week (for countries who adopted the Monday-first convention) is just a ... Read More »

Crazy Friday – Funnies to kickstart the mood


Crazy Friday – This time next week, many of you will be refining the last details of their naughty Tinkerbell, virile Wolverine or demoniacal lord of darkness costumes; while others will be blending together the ingredients of that kick-butt punch recipe they found online sometime earlier. In the meantime though, why not treat yourself to some stress-free quality time by ... Read More »

TGIF laughter – Kick starting the weekend craze


TGIF laughter- While some of you have already reached Friday evening and have started unwinding after a week of hard labor, others still have a few hours to go and most probably are checking their watches every now and then with impatience. In both cases, no doubt that a few chuckles could turn out to be more than welcome, so ... Read More »

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