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Saturday madness – A weekend edition of funnies

Saturday madness – We are optimistic that you are comfortably settling into the weekend, and for those of you who wish to include a little (or tad more than that) procrastination time into their schedules, why not make a halt over on our virtual playground. Our latest edition of Saturday funnies has just gone viral so please feel free to ... Read More »

Hump day craze – Put your funny bone to the test

Funny poem for mornings humor @PMSLweb.com

Hump day craze – Welcome to our latest edition of Wednesday nonsense. As usual we have decided to treat you today to a handful of nutcase funnies that we stumbled across during our hours of intense World Wide Web scavenging. We hope that the latter will contribute in enhancing a tad your midweek mood. Anyway, less talk more action, the ... Read More »

Monday comedy club – The internet at its best and worst

Funny good morning let the stress begin @PMSLweb.com

Monday comedy club – Chances are that you weren’t all that enthusiast when heading out the door this morning (or heading to your workplace in general wherever the latter is located). Mondayitis is a very common condition sadly, and while the only true known remedy is a holiday, as we know only limited quantities of the latter are available. For ... Read More »

Sunday LOL – A Sunday collection of guffaws

Sunday LOL – As the weekend comes to an end, chances are that a fair amount of you will adopt (at least partially) procrastinating as an efficient way to reach soul numbness today. Since it’s safe enough to proclaim Internet the world leader as far as wasting time is concerned, no doubt that everyone should easily find sources to match ... Read More »

Wednesday funniness – A compilation of hilarious pics

Australia building fence at Slovenian border fail @PMSLweb.com

Wednesday funniness – If you are currently looking for solutions to enhance a tad your morning/afternoon/evening (please select what applies to you) and are desperately/hopelessly/randomly going from one web page to another, please consider checking out what follows. Indeed, our latest collection of Hump day funnies is now live and awaits you, so let’s get scrolling! Wishing you a humorous ... Read More »

LMAO pictures – A Monday edition of funnies

Funny breaking your resolutions quote @PMSLweb.com

LMAO pictures – Once more the time has come to buckle up before taking a wicked spin on the highly controversial new week rollercoaster. As usual, you can probably expect to encounter a few ups and downs during the journey, so why not start filling up as of now on quality chuckles in order to it play safe; our latest ... Read More »