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Monday chortles – A new week delivery of smiles

Shut up on music sheet humor at

Monday chortles – While one would think that by now the good old Monday ritual would have slowly became something we would fully accept and submit ourselves to, our stubborn and rebellious nature seems to have decided otherwise. The grudge we hold against the latter never seems to run out of steam, and by the looks of it won’t do ... Read More »

Wacky Monday – Starting the week on the right foot

You have the right to remain stupid quote at

Wacky Monday – In order to correctly start the week and turn the latter into a enjoyable and proficient experience, one must take special care into boosting up his mood ASAP. Given that these days, oceans of procrastination matter are only ever one click away, why not allow yourself to succumb to temptation and check out the following… Wishing you ... Read More »

Saturday laughter – A weekend selection of funnies

Funny chicken egg fact at

Saturday laughter – We hope that the weekend has been treating you right so far, and that whatever your initial plan was, you’re making the most of it. If you are reading these lines, no doubt that a little procrastination time has made the cut, and we totally agree with the fact that no weekend worthy of the name should ... Read More »

Funny Thursday pictures – Our daily selection of funnies

Funny show us your crack slogan – Funny Thursday pictures at

Funny Thursday pictures – With the weekend only down the road now, you will probably find yourself to be far more relaxed than you were the three previous days, maybe even more tolerant (well all depends with whom and why evidently – hence that we used the word “tolerant” and in no way “immune” as that would be a tad ... Read More »

Funny Sunday pictures – Dominical giggles coming up

hilarious button Facebook needs – Funny Sunday pictures at

Funny Sunday pictures – Fess up, if you could rate your Sunday, how lazy would the latter turn out to be? From a scale of 1 to 10, where would you situate yourself procrastination wise? If your first reflex today upon wake-up, was to switch on your computer before grabbing coffee, with no further plans scheduled beyond that point, then ... Read More »

Funny Monday images – A new week gallery of funnies

You only think about yourself funny quote

Funny Monday images – While we hope that your weekend left you with a list of ace memories, it is now sadly time to turn the page and kick-start one of the most taunting chapters that one will ever get to endeavor: “Monday”. The latter tends to drag on and on, and before you finally reach the largely awaited last ... Read More »

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