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Tuesday hilarity – Your daily collection of funnies

Funny me after lunch ultrasound at

Tuesday hilarity – Once more, the time has come for us to treat you to our collection of smile-packed daily findings. We know that Tuesday has been proved to be the most productive day of the “standard” business week (the less prolific, with no real surprise, turning out to be Friday), but do not let that stop you from checking ... Read More »

Jokey Monday – Starting the week on a mocking note

Funny game of Thrones father’s day at

Jokey Monday – Welcome to our latest edition of new week funnies; we hope that the latter will find you well, and ready to take on Monday all-in. NOTE: Currently, you may be experiencing a few lags while visiting the website , and we wish to apologize for the inconvenience. Indeed, we are working on a little “behind the scenes” ... Read More »

Monday funnyness – The right way to start the week

How to cook pasta humor – Monday funnyness at

Monday funnyness – For those who have decided to thwart Monday’s negative vibes strike by wearing a smile and royally ignoring the later, please feel free to check out our humble contribution to your cause: our latest selection of Monday funnies. Wishing you a fabulous week ahead and a smile-packed PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Hump day goodies – A midweek selection of funnies

Funny autumn dog turds – Hump day goodies at

Hump day goodies – As usual, Wednesday, aka the middle finger of the business week, is the perfect occasion for everyone to catch a breath. The time has come to fill up a tad your giggle-o-meter, and we’d be thrilled if you allowed us to contribute into setting the mood with our latest addition of funny pics, so don’t hesitate ... Read More »

Monday madness – The reinforcements are on their way

How hard is it to put the toilet seat down meme at

Monday madness – Not that it really needs to be pointed out, but Monday is here, and firmly decided to settle in. Now, as scary as this reality appears to be, we have faith in you, and know from experience that you can pull it though. In order to help you do so, evidently once more, we’ve put together a ... Read More »

Hump day playtime – Paying allegiance to the funnies

Funny Ygritte and Facebook at

Hump day playtime – As you make it to the top of yet another midweek hill, you should seriously consider taking a few minutes in order to chill and catch your breath. This could turn out to be the perfect occasion to dedicate a little quality time to sightseeing before initiating your descent, and if we may, what follows is ... Read More »

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