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Monday YLYL – A collection of mischievous funnies

Your truckload of fail has arrived meme – Monday YLYL

Monday YLYL – Sadly enough the time has come to shake off all those delightful weekend memories and to focus once more on a brand new business week. Mind you, nobody ever said that Monday had to inevitably be a fatality; do your best to think positively in order to minimize the aftermath and the experience should turn out to ... Read More »

Friday madness – A TGIF collection of funnies

Thanking the people who give me reason to drink funny quote

Friday madness – While some lucky bastards have already started digging into the weekend, for the rest of us, the wildest countdown of the week is currently on, and every new hour put behind us seems like a little victory in a way, doesn’t it? The golden rule as of now is to keep our impatience under control by keeping ... Read More »

Mischievous Hump day – When regular humor does not cover it

Wrong place wrong time humor

Mischievous Hump Day – The midweek is here, and by now a fair amount of you have probably already had their share of stress and homicidal thoughts (just kidding… although some people just tend to bring out the “best” in you, right?). If you currently feel like your patience is running low and that the “light side” of the Force ... Read More »

Tuesday chuckles – Your daily collection of funniness

You miss the point funny cartoon

Tuesday chuckles – Welcome to our latest edition of Tuesday funnies. Once more the crazy virtual playground awaits you, packed with all the nutcase findings that we have come across during our latest hours of Internet Scavenging. Need to escape your current duties for a few minutes? Search no more and climb aboard the wacko train. Wishing you a snortle ... Read More »

Thursday LOL – A collection of lighthearted funnies

Funny don’t dive sign fail

Thursday LOL – A bit more than 24h before the weekend is finally here people, so why not make the most of it and kill a little time together? It’s time to lubricate that funny bone of yours and today we’re delighted to propose you a little chillax collection of lighthearted funnies, so why not check out the latter! Wishing ... Read More »

Monday hilarity – Happy new week vibes

Sometimes I lie awake at night funny Charlie Brown cartoon

Monday hilarity – Would you believe it, you are currently surviving your 16th Monday since the year began (Yay! 36 left to go). As much as many of us dread the first day of the week, we must admit that oddly enough in parallel time sure seems to fly when you look back. Anyway, time to spike up a little ... Read More »

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