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Humorous pictures – Welcome to the chuckle

Funny football advertisement placement at

Humorous pictures – The weekend only being a few strokes away now, the spirits are slowly acknowledging this significant data, and as a result happy vibes are starting to kick-in. In the mood for a few pre-weekend giggles? If yes, why not take a spin down the chuckle zone’s yellow brick road. Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Wednesday funniness – A Hump day mood enhancer

If you combined your fortune with Bill Gate’s at

Wednesday funniness – Welcome to a brand new edition of Hump day nonsense , featuring our latest selection of funny pictures. Once more, our hours of internet scavenging have allowed us to come across a handful of wicked goodies, so without further delay let’s get stuck in. Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Monday mischief – A new week collection of chuckles

Funny creation of Adam parody at

Monday mischief – Would you believe it, Monday the most feared day of the week is already back with its machiavellian grin. If you feel that the evil bastard is already plotting against you, wait no longer and take action as of now. The latter feeds off your tears and anxiety, while on the other hand sees its effects be ... Read More »

Wacky Saturday – A weekend collection of funnies

Game of Thrones X-men humor at

Wacky Saturday – By now, you more or less should have a global idea on how your weekend is turning out, and evidently we hope for the best. Whatever direction you decided to give to the latter, chuckles should always be part of the equation, so without further ado, here’s our daily selection of funny pics. Wishing you a thriving ... Read More »

Wacky Friday – Your TGIF source of funnies

This book is asking for trouble meme at

Wacky Friday – No weekend worthy of the name would be considered being kick started without a consequential dose of good mood and giggles. The internet always being a top notch source as far as nonsense is concerned, please allow us to let the latter live up to its reputation with our latest collection of Friday funnies. Wishing you a ... Read More »

Jokey Hump day – When laughter is the name of the game

Match computer problems to their solutions humor at

Jokey Hump day – Welcome to yet another installment of “it’s time for your Wednesday funnies”. The midweek is the perfect occasion to treat your funny bone to a refined polish, so we hope that today’s collection of funny pics will help bring out that extra dazzle you are aiming for. Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment! Read More »

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