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Jokey Tuesday – Cruising through the week with a smile

Cemen dip name fail at

Jokey Tuesday – Your latest delivery of Tuesday funnies is now is stock, so whenever you have a few minutes ahead of you and feel like a little mood-enhancer, please feel free to come and pick up the latter which awaits you on our usual virtual display racks. Wishing you a smile-powered PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Monday funnies – A wicked collection of sillies

Just ate taco bell meme at

Monday funnies – It has already been a month and a half since we set foot into 2015, and by now the good old Monday routine has sadly kicked-back in. Getting back use to it doesn’t by all means imply that we’ve accepted the latter as being part of our schedule, we just go on suffering the first day of ... Read More »

Funny TGIF pics – When the weekend knocks at your door

Funny my team when I play games at

Funny TGIF pics – Of all the days of the week, no doubt that for a big majority of us, Friday turns out to be by far the most awaited. While we do bear in mind that for a certain amount of the population, the fifth day of the week (for countries who adopted the Monday-first convention) is just a ... Read More »

Funny pictorama – Taking a spin down Chuckle Lane

Adam’s creation humor at

Funny pictorama – It is with the greatest of pleasures, that we unveil before you our latest addition to the funny Tuesday picture gallery. Those of you who were currently scavenging the net looking for a little distraction, may find in the following collection of mood-enhancers, just what they were looking for, so why not come and take a peep.. ... Read More »

Monday craze – A nonsense tainted gallery of funnies

Experienced boner classified advert fail – Monday craze at

Monday craze – No matter how much you will mentally prepare yourself to face Monday’s venue, when the latter finally shows up, his vicious breathing down your neck will always get through to you, making you somehow uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the importance allocated to his arrival entirely depends on you; so why not minimize his significance and draw a few smiles ... Read More »

Funny Sunday collection – Kicking off your shoes is an art

Man with the greatest name ever meme – Funny Sunday collection at

Funny Sunday collection – Sunday, aka the unbeatable worldwide leader as far as laziness is concerned, is always the perfect day to fit in as much procrastinating as one can afford to. While various solutions will no doubt present themselves to you all along the day, losing time on the World Wide Web has proven itself to be a top ... Read More »

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