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Silly Thursday picture dump – A carefree collection

Lego briefing about the human foot humor @PMSLweb.com

Silly Thursday picture dump – While many of you are probably already daydreaming of the upcoming weekend, the truth is that – sadly enough – we’re not there just right yet, and before allowing ourselves to let our hair down, it would be wiser to keep our heads up for a few more hours. That being said, if currently surfing ... Read More »

Funny Thursday memes – Lighthearted chuckles ahead

Funny Thursday memes – The Pre-Weekend (aka Thirsty Thursday) is here, and evidently for many this specific one should definitely live up to its reputation. Indeed, the time has come to treat yourself to a trailer worthy of the wild upcoming weekend, and to start pushing aside (until at least next year) any annoyances that currently could be getting under ... Read More »

Rib Tickling pictures – The chuckle dealer is here

Rib Tickling pictures – With the most hectic part of the week now behind us, autopilot now becomes an available feature in order to reach the weekend safe and soundly – as long as you don’t forget to fuel up of smiles from time to time, evidently. Coincidence? Our virtual playground’s main runway has just received clearance after receiving a ... Read More »

Thursday LOL – A collection of lighthearted funnies

Thursday LOL – A bit more than 24h before the weekend is finally here people, so why not make the most of it and kill a little time together? It’s time to lubricate that funny bone of yours and today we’re delighted to propose you a little chillax collection of lighthearted funnies, so why not check out the latter! Wishing ... Read More »

Daily funny pictures – Your humoristic Thursday rendez vous

When cats do mistakes funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Daily funny pictures – With Friday just down the road now, the time has come to start working on evacuating all that nasty and painful stress accumulated during the past week. Actually, if ever you were considering booking a holiday anytime soon, you could probably look into it today, as Thursday evening is known to offer the cheapest prices flight ... Read More »

Thursday madness – A hoard of jokey images

Funny Paramount logo @PMSLweb.com

Thursday madness – With Friday just around the corner now, throwing in the towel is no longer an option; and because we’ve got your back, once more we’ve done our best to put together another collection of some of the finest nonsense available on the world wide web. In the mood for a few carefree chuckles? Perfect, why not keep ... Read More »