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Hump day nonsense –A delivery of midweek funnies

Funny pop goes the weasel casket quote

Hump day nonsense – Given that the need to take a spin down loony lane always tends to spike on Wednesdays ( the faster the page is slammed down on Monday & Tuesday, the better), once more we have put together a Hump day edition of wacky pictures, and hope that this crazy supply will match the demand. There’s only ... Read More »

Wednesday ROFL – Your midweek madness delivery

Penguins think they are great sarcasm – Wednesday ROFL

Wednesday ROFL – Once more, our midweek edition of nonsense awaits you, and features the latest findings we stumbled across during our long hours of internet scavenging. If in need of a handful of chuckles search no more, and give the following collection of funnies a shot… chances are that you won’t regret your stop over. In all cases, wishing ... Read More »

Wednesday LOL pictures – Land of the politically incorrect

When bald people wash their face humor at

Wednesday LOL pictures – So you obviously made it to Hump day (we would of added “soundly”, but chances are that your weekly journey so far may not have been an actual cakewalk), and feel the need to take a few minutes for yourself before getting stuck into the second part of the week. Wise thinking, pimping up you mental ... Read More »

Wednesday funnies – A collection of midweek guffaws

Charlie brown been there humor at

Wednesday funnies – In order to congratulate you for unlocking the “Making it to Hump day” achievement, it’s an honor for us to grant you access to our latest midweek selection of goodies. We hope that you managed to reach this important milestone without suffering too much collateral damage, and may the rest of your journey (destination the weekend evidently) ... Read More »

Jokey Hump day – When laughter is the name of the game

Match computer problems to their solutions humor at

Jokey Hump day – Welcome to yet another installment of “it’s time for your Wednesday funnies”. The midweek is the perfect occasion to treat your funny bone to a refined polish, so we hope that today’s collection of funny pics will help bring out that extra dazzle you are aiming for. Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Hump day funnies – Your midweek delivery of smiles

Sarcastic iPhone alarm at

Hump day funnies – In a completely unrelated topic, did you know that studies have determined that Wednesday was the day of the week when bosses are the most willing to look into and consider any requests brought to their attention by their employees? So if ever you’ve had a specific plead going through your mind for a while now, ... Read More »

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