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A Monday Collection – setting the mood!

why video games make you violent funny

A Monday Collection – Now just where did the weekend go and how on earth did so many of us get conned into signing up for this recurring Monday thingy, talk about signing a pact with the devil… Nonetheless, now that the harm is done we have no other choice but to make the most of it so happy face ... Read More »

The 285th day picture collection – weekend funnies ahead!

starbucks inhaler

The 285th day picture collection – So far we’ve courageously made it through 41 weeks this year, some no doubt probably tougher than others. Question: “Do you remember what you were doing this time last year?” was it just a Saturday among so many others or do you have a specific souvenir linked to it? (good or bad that is) ... Read More »

TGIF Collection – Time to upgrade your giggle level

where is your god now funny

TGIF Collection – You’ve been maintaining your level of smiles to a satisfying degree all through the week, but with Friday finally here, the time has now come to update the latter to the latest kick-butt version! This new edition has ruled out many stressful professional glitches including applications such as “Alarm Clock” and “whack a coworker or boss” which ... Read More »

Midweek delights – A Hump Day collection

I’m trying to see things from your point of view

Midweek delights – Would you believe it, Hump Day is here once more, and while you’ve just reached the peak of the business week, before you get time to realize what’s going on, it will be time to initiate & lock the upcoming weekend as it will clearly be in sight. In the meantime though, here’s a new collection of ... Read More »

Tuesday funnies – Once upon a time there was a collection

the hobbits rock poster

Tuesday funnies – The people were trying to make it through the beginning of the week, chins up & spirits high, they courageously decided to confront devilish Tuesday, armed only with their will to survive and a good dose of pep. During their quest, they would make brief halts left and right on pages offering them shelter in order to ... Read More »

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