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Silly Saturday – Long live weekend humor

Haterine – recommended for all sh*t talkers at

Why not just go for a silly Saturday for a change , without any justifications whatsoever; just to please ourselves! The next few days promise to be quite hectic and will require from us an overflow of inner juice, so let’s just enjoy and chill while we can. Wishing you a nonsensical PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Friday laughter – Respecting the universal TGIF tradition

iHad – Friday laughter at

Friday laughter is a tradition that one should respect very scrupulously; the fifth, and last, day of the business week, the most often knows no bounds, and as a result flirts with various forms and degrees as far as humor is concerned. Conscious of how today’s mood will most probably affect your entire weekend, we feel that it is of ... Read More »

Thursday humor – No strings attached

Dog house level redneck – Thursday humor at

The time has come for us to treat you to some Thursday humor, no strings attached we promise. Five more days on the calendar before we bury the year once and for all, and by the sounds of it for many it will be without regrets. A variegation of funnies awaits you this time round, so kick off your shoes ... Read More »

Monday funnies – Pre-Christmas chuckles just for you

Mother clucker meme – Monday funnies at

Monday funnies – In two days from now, around one person out of three will be celebrating the arrival of Coca Cola’s most famous muse : Santa Claus! To help him respect his hectic and out of this world schedule, the fella who works only one day a year and spends the rest of it judging you – as many ... Read More »

Sunday lolz – Time to celebrate holiday season

Ikea humor at

A collection of Sunday lolz, since in theory the last day of the week should turn out to be far less bitter than usual. The holiday spirit wave is now clearly breaking down on us, allowing the dedicated surfers that we are to execute some of our favorite moves: Bottom turns through majestic beer barrels, Vodka defeating cutbacks or even ... Read More »

Friday funnies on the loose – TGIF holidays edition

Blowjob in process - Friday funnies at

The 10 craziest days of the year are now finally lined up ahead of us, so why not start with a handful of Friday funnies! After all, whatever happens as from now is out of any common sense’s jurisdiction and cannot – nor will – be used against us, so we might as well make the best out of it. ... Read More »

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