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Hump Day Panorama Ė Satire & Sarcasm on the loose

we all started as an anus

Hump Day Panorama – Wicked Monday and its evil twin behind us itís time for us to let go of some ballast. Our inner demons deeply request to take a spin Ė must be the Halloween spirit kicking-in Ėand holding back could lead to terrible and heart-breaking consequences, so we probably should just roll with it! All bets are off ... Read More »

Wednesday giggles on their way – Celebrating St Hump


Wednesday giggles on their way – Message to the attention to all passengers who have signed up for the mid-week Camel Safari Tour: Your Hump Day Funnies are now available via your usual gateway so check-in is now officially open. Please proceed with caution and last minute giggle-shots can be found at our duty-free PMLweb health counter; we care to ... Read More »

Midweek delights – A Hump Day collection

Midweek delights – Would you believe it, Hump Day is here once more, and while youíve just reached the peak of the business week, before you get time to realize whatís going on, it will be time to initiate & lock the upcoming weekend as it will clearly be in sight. In the meantime though, hereís a new collection of ... Read More »

So itís Hump Day Ė letís make it right !

the centaur of attention

So itís Hump Day – PMSLweb productions is proud to present you yet another Hump Day collection of funny pictures, because we are aware of the fact that Wednesday is a crucial day and that the rest of the week will often depend on it! If by the end of the day youíve managed to keep your spirits up, then ... Read More »