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Hump day funniness – Our Wednesday edition of funny pics

Funny sarcastic clickbait – Hump day funniness

Hump day funniness – If you feel like the midweek is the perfect occasion to catch a breath and fill up a tad on positive and fun vibes, or the opportunity to exorcise the inner demons stimulated during the past two days; you’ve probably knocked on the right door. Indeed, we are delighted to welcome you on our virtual playground ... Read More »

Riotous Hump day – A collection of hilarious pictures

Turn signals humor

Riotous Hump day – For all those of you in need for a good dose of midweek guffaws, we hereby inform you that our latest edition of Wednesday funniness has just gone viral. Wicked giggles, sardonic chuckles and mocking chortles roughly sum up what we have in store for you today, so why wait any longer? The time has come ... Read More »

Hilarious Wednesday picture collection – Massive chuckles

Hilarious social media quote

Hilarious Wednesday picture collection – Desperately looking for an excuse to take a break from your current duties/obligations? Search no more! Our latest collection of hilarious Internet findings has just gone viral, and once more the later will bring to light some of the best online giggles you can possibly encounter. Still having doubts? Why not purely and simply just ... Read More »

Mischievous Hump day – When regular humor does not cover it

Wrong place wrong time humor

Mischievous Hump Day – The midweek is here, and by now a fair amount of you have probably already had their share of stress and homicidal thoughts (just kidding… although some people just tend to bring out the “best” in you, right?). If you currently feel like your patience is running low and that the “light side” of the Force ... Read More »

Wednesday funniness – A compilation of hilarious pics

Australia building fence at Slovenian border fail

Wednesday funniness – If you are currently looking for solutions to enhance a tad your morning/afternoon/evening (please select what applies to you) and are desperately/hopelessly/randomly going from one web page to another, please consider checking out what follows. Indeed, our latest collection of Hump day funnies is now live and awaits you, so let’s get scrolling! Wishing you a humorous ... Read More »

Hump day guffaws – Crazy midweek entertainment

Funny Bill Clinton Bruce Jenner meme

Hump day guffaws – Welcome to our latest edition of Wednesday chuckles . Before going any further we realized that it had been a while since we had not treated you to a little trivia, so here goes… March 30th I it is, and on this day all through history a few notable events occurred: -In 1822 the Florida territory ... Read More »

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