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Hump day mischief – A midweek collection of nonsense

Tell your women to start wearing bras medieval meme at

Hump day mischief – We hope that the week has been treating you right so far, and that you’re hanging tough. Now that you’ve reached the peak of the business week (aka Mount Hump), why not take a few minutes to catch a breath and fill up your giggle-o-meter with a few smiles. Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Wednesday funny pics – Hump day LOL times

Funny Schwartzenegger selfie stick – Wednesday funny pics at

Wednesday funny pics – Welcome to our latest edition of Hump day funnies . Once more, we hope that we can somehow enhance your Wednesday with our daily selection of funny images. Hopefully the week has been treating you right so far, and making it to the weekend won’t turn out to be over-challenging; but just in case let us ... Read More »

Hump day hilarity – Wicked Wednesday vibes

I’m in Australia and this is jackass meme at

Hump day hilarity – If a little nonsense sounds like the perfect midweek plan, search no more. Our latest selection of Wednesday funnies is officially up, and no doubt that the latter will turn out to be the perfect breeding ground for those insatiable inner demons of yours, so please follows the guide. Wishing you a side-splitting PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Midweek funnies – A gallery of quality giggles

If a guy remembers the color of your eyes funny quote at

Midweek funnies – Reaching the first true milestone of a new week (successfully completing the ascension of Mount Hump) is not something to be taken lightly. Indeed, while your modesty is honorable, we are aware of the efforts and courage required to safely and soundly make it through Monday and Tuesday. You have greatly merited catching a breath; so please ... Read More »

Hump day craziness – A rib tickling collection of funnies

Funny T-rex parenting at

Hump day craziness – Congratulations on reaching your first true milestone of the week, aka Wednesday. We hope that the week hasn’t been too hard on you so far, and that the remaining days which still separate you from the weekend will turn out to be a simple formality. If you have a few spare minutes ahead of you, why ... Read More »

Hump day madness – Welcome to the loony zone

Cats looking at humans on the internet meme at

Hump day madness – You are cordially invited on cruise through the tumultuous online waters of the “Wednesday triangle” (also known as the Chuckles triangle). Will you have what it takes to survive the latter, or will your soul disappear under mysterious circumstances? Find out right now by checking out our latest collection of Wednesday funnies. Wishing you a jocular ... Read More »

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