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iPhone Goodies: We all know the feeling…

it's really epic

  iPhone Goodies – Which iPhone owner has never had a giggle out of at least one of his text messages, especially when it comes to using the autocorrect function evidently but not only… Here are a few goodies of this specific genre, for your pleasure…but also ours!                         ... Read More »

Cat Prank – A big iPhone moment to re-discover


The Cat Prank – Here is a famous iPhone prank that no doubt has ended up making history. It opposes two people : - The Pranker: Who will prove to you that when you really set your mind to something, the result can turn out to be a real gem. - The Victim : Whose patience and wits will be ... Read More »

We love autocorrect – A fabulous tool by Apple

It smells like you

We all love autocorrect – Ever heard of the proverbial chalk and cheese idiom? Our iPhones more than often have a mind of their own – as we all know by now – and between what you actually intended to inform someone of in the first place by text and what the latter recipient will finally receive‚Ķ Ambiguous but ultimately ... Read More »

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