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Funny Internet nonsense – Hilarious TGIF picture collection

Leaving work on Friday what it feels like funny meme

Funny Internet nonsense – May you work or not over the weekend, you have to admit that once Friday is here most of us can sense a little something in the air. As from Friday evening and for the next 24h at least, life suddenly seems a tad more worth living, enjoyable, and you will often surprise yourself by being ... Read More »

LMFAO pictures – A wild collection of funny pics

The best way to become enlightened is to argue with people on Facebook humor

LMFAO pictures - With a few days left before we officially start mocking/triggering the Halloween spirit in you, we thought that beforehand we’d treat you to a few fecking hilarious pictures and memes. A glimpse of what follows might make you realize just how badly the Internet has ruined all of us… but do we honestly regret? Absolutely not of ... Read More »

Laughing out loud pictures – Monday intensifies

When you finally go to japan funny meme

Laughing out loud pictures – Welcome to a brand new edition of “Oh Frack, it’s Monday again”. While we all knew what was coming, when the latter is finally dished up the pill always remains hard to swallow, nonetheless. Anyway, far from us the idea of rubbing salt into the wound as our goal today is to attempt to soften ... Read More »

LMAO pictures – A Monday edition of funnies

Funny breaking your resolutions quote

LMAO pictures – Once more the time has come to buckle up before taking a wicked spin on the highly controversial new week rollercoaster. As usual, you can probably expect to encounter a few ups and downs during the journey, so why not start filling up as of now on quality chuckles in order to it play safe; our latest ... Read More »

LMAO pictures – Your Monday remedy

Having the famous social media talk with the kids humor

LMAO pictures – Nobody is ever really prepared for the first Monday of the year (just writing that sends a chill down my spine). So if your mind needs a little evasion in order to maintain a certain level of sanity, why not check out our latest edition of Monday funnies, you probably won’t regret doing so! Wishing you a ... Read More »

LMAO pictures – Kick starting a smile packed week

reblog if you like pancakes humor

LMAO pictures – Were you aware that one worker out of two will end up being late for work today Monday, and that in average each person will turn out to be productive for about 3.50h? No joke, the internet says so… and who are we to question what the world leading source of knowledge is kind enough to bring ... Read More »

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