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Tgif picture collection – Doing it the PMSL way

Tgif picture collection – With 362 days left on the new calendar, did you know that it’s around this date that we will reach our perihelion (the moment when our good old earth gets the closest it does to the sun)? Evidently, we do realize that people from the Northern hemisphere will be thrilled about the news… *sigh*. Otherwise on ... Read More »

Thursday giggles – Sending wicked vibes your way

Thursday giggles – Usually, this is the time of the week when we hope that you’re hanging in there as most of you would only have 2 more days to go before hitting the weekend; but given the specificity of this holiday fueled week, is it really necessary? So let’s just focus on keeping the spirits constant & maintaining a ... Read More »

Hump day goodies – Wednesday January 1st 2014

Dead fly police line at PMSLweb.com

Hump Day goodies – Brilliant idea to start 2014 on a Wednesday, as we will be directly beginning the year with a slide down to the weekend, and many should appreciate for sure. Here’s our first collection of funny pictures of the year, as we suspect that a certain amount of you are still in the process of recovering after ... Read More »

Me gusta funnies – Happy New Year 2014 !

PMSLweb - Happy New Year 2014

Me gusta funnies, don’t you? Here’s our little December 31st treat for you, our last post of the year *sigh*… but chill, we will be back next year we promise, for a year full of even more funny pics, thematic posts, wicked jokes and more, so stay tuned!   Wishing every single one of you and her/his crew a wonderful ... Read More »

Humoristic Monday – Taking moon day to the next level

Humoristic Monday – Because nothing can turn out to be more useful than a fun-packed start to the new week, please allow us to submit to your appreciation a new collection of Monday goodies. Last Monday of 2013, should we even take the time to point out mind you, so let’s level up the giggle gauge shall we. Wishing you ... Read More »

Funny Sunday pics – Time to procrastinate

The exorcist happy meal at PMSLweb.com

A brand new funny Sunday pics collection for you. With what’s awaiting us next week, the best we have to do today is to recharge our batteries; and, in order to do so efficiently, the less we actually end up doing, the better. Fortunately, internet surfing requiring absolutely no effort whatsoever, this can always turn out to be a top ... Read More »