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Hump day funnies – Your midweek delivery of smiles

Sarcastic iPhone alarm at

Hump day funnies – In a completely unrelated topic, did you know that studies have determined that Wednesday was the day of the week when bosses are the most willing to look into and consider any requests brought to their attention by their employees? So if ever you’ve had a specific plead going through your mind for a while now, ... Read More »

Saturday laughter – A weekend selection of funnies

Funny chicken egg fact at

Saturday laughter – We hope that the weekend has been treating you right so far, and that whatever your initial plan was, you’re making the most of it. If you are reading these lines, no doubt that a little procrastination time has made the cut, and we totally agree with the fact that no weekend worthy of the name should ... Read More »

Funny Sunday collection – Kicking off your shoes is an art

Man with the greatest name ever meme – Funny Sunday collection at

Funny Sunday collection – Sunday, aka the unbeatable worldwide leader as far as laziness is concerned, is always the perfect day to fit in as much procrastinating as one can afford to. While various solutions will no doubt present themselves to you all along the day, losing time on the World Wide Web has proven itself to be a top ... Read More »

TGIF guffaws – A Friday collection of funnies

FU fighters meme – TGIF guffaws at

TGIF guffaws – In order to worthily celebrate the upcoming weekend, why not treat your zygomaticus major (aka the facial expression muscle, the culprit that enjoys pulling the angles of your mouth upwards) to a little gym session. In order to do so, bellow we have put at your disposition few workout tools. Wishing you a brilliant weekend ahead and ... Read More »

Monday humor – Funny pics to start the week

No need to repeat yourself quote at

Monday humor – Last boarding call for the wild Monday express. A new week of exciting adventures await us, so don’t allow yourselves to miss departure. Wicked on board giggles, chuckle-riddled stopovers and jaw breaking sightseeing are featured in this week’s program, so buckle up and let’s get to it! Wishing you a fun PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Friday hilarity – Let us high five the weekend

Maths, not even once – Friday hilarity at

Friday hilarity – Warning : This is not a simulation test! After mentally practicing & preparing yourselves over the past few days, the weekend is finally here, and the time has come to make the most of it. A powerful synonym of weekend being joyfulness, please allow us to help you kick-start the later with our TGIF selection of funnies. ... Read More »

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