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Funny Monday – Let us set the weekly mood


Funny Monday – Would you believe it, our all-time favorite “Monday strikes back” is airing today and once more we’ll be forcing ourselves to sit through it. A bucket of popcorn would serve no purpose whatsoever here, so why not settle for a glass of wine instead (did we say one?). In the meantime, please do feel free to serve ... Read More »

Happy Monday funnies – Celebrating a wild new week


Happy Monday funnies – A whole new week awaits us, so why not take a little spin down crazy lane before getting stuck into the real deal? The weekend is already a vague souvenir and living in the past never leads to anything good anyway, so let’s take a deep breath and do this shall we…. Wishing you a loony ... Read More »

Monday ROFL – Setting the weekly mood


Monday ROFL – After treating ourselves to the usual unshameful procrastination outburst during the weekend, the time has come to line up and pay the price, by surrounding to the infamous wicked Monday .You can trust the latter to be dead on time every week in order to pick-up his due, aka our poor innocent souls, with a devilish smirk ... Read More »

Funny Monday pictures – Punching Monday in the face


Funny Monday pictures – Oi, Oi ,Oi check-it out, guess who’s honoring us with his delightful presence? Well would you believe it, it’s our good old pal Monday who despite all the low blows he inflicts us weekly still dares to show his face… he sure has a lot of nerve. Well we’ve decided that this time he wouldn’t get ... Read More »

Monday Lmao – A new week collection of chuckles


Monday Lmao – Since this weekend, we have entered the third month of the year March, named after the Roman god of war. Actually, did you know that originally the latter use to be the first month of the calendar, and that until we switched to the Gregorian one in 1752 (which starts with January instead)? But let’s not over-saturate ... Read More »

Monday funny pics – Starting the new week on a chuckle


Monday funny pics – Do you realize that we’re already hitting the last week of February 2014? Whether we like it or not –or even acknowledge it – time flies. One month to go before the Northern hemisphere enters the season of love (aka Spring, just in case…), while the Southern one will get to observe mists and mellow fruitfulness; ... Read More »