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Monday lolz – A new week collection of funnies

Atheist mosquito at

Monday lolz – Would you believe it, the sneaky and dreadful day is here once more so , evidently, the time has come for us to whine a tad… or wine actually. Indeed, with so many natural remedies available on the market, why should we deprive ourselves seriously? If ever you’re slightly recalcitrant in to adopting the method we dare ... Read More »

New week funnies – Sending positive vibes your way

Reading the time with the Polish cycling team at

New week funnies – Waking up on Monday is always a toughie, and rare are those who do not feel a slight heartbreaking sensation during those last extra few minutes you tend to grant yourself to – while keeping an eye on the alarm clock – before actually leaving the bed. Deep down inside you know that any excuse you ... Read More »

Crazy pictures – Chasing away your Monday blues

Osama bin liftin at

Crazy pictures – Sever cases of Monday blues have been reported all over the world, and despite the fact that this syndrome is not only very common but also hits every ethnicity and gender, sadly to this day no true cure has been found yet. Nonetheless, a few solutions to counteract the effects are available, laughter being one of the ... Read More »

Rofl pics – A Monday collection of goodies

This is Australia meme – Rofl pics at

Here’s a new collection of Rofl pics to sweeten up this beginning of the week, the latter probably being a tad more bitter than usual after all the fun the last two weeks may of provided you with. Studies showing that you will normally only turn out to be productive for around 3.5 hours today, we clearly hope that we ... Read More »

Humoristic Monday – Taking moon day to the next level

The road to give a f*ck meme – Humoristic Monday at

Humoristic Monday – Because nothing can turn out to be more useful than a fun-packed start to the new week, please allow us to submit to your appreciation a new collection of Monday goodies. Last Monday of 2013, should we even take the time to point out mind you, so let’s level up the giggle gauge shall we. Wishing you ... Read More »

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