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Side splitting Monday – Let the nonsense begin

Moving the clocks forward funny quote

Side splitting Monday – With the new week comes great balderdash, and in order to help you kickstart “survival” mode we’ve decided to put together a brand new humorous Monday gallery. While we are aware that it’s probably with a fairly heavy heart that you lay the first stone of your weekly duties this morning (or arvo), please engage in ... Read More »

Funny daily picture dump – Let the nonsense begin

Funny Windows 10 sarcasm

Funny daily picture dump – Well here we go again peeps, another new week awaits us, so why not make the most of it upfront? While, let’s face it, chances are that despite our best efforts the latter will inevitably generate a tad stress and moments of frustration, spiking it up forthrightly with a few humorous rendezvous’ can always help ... Read More »

Monday YLYL pictures – A new week delivery of moonshine

Flamingos are monogamous humor – Monday YLYL pictures

Monday YLYL pictures – Once upon a time Monday knocked on your door and you had no choice but to deal with it! Monday, aka the Jehovah’s Witness of the week, never seems to give up nor take no as an answer. Have you ever noticed that every very time you’ve finally comfortably settled into the weekend the latter turns ... Read More »

Monday PMSL – A new week of nonsense awaits you

Nobody cares about your stick figure family sticker

Monday PMSL – Because we know that kick-starting a new week is always quite hectic (given that after the weekend your motivation meter work wise is very close to nil); we figured out that a handful of chuckles couldn’t do any harm. Below you will find our latest selection of Monday funnies, so please feel free! Wishing you a brilliant ... Read More »

Hilarious Monday – New week funnies

Funny family drama news – Hilarious Monday

Hilarious Monday – As a new week strikes us along with its machiavellian manager Brutus Monday, the last happy memories of the past weekend slowly start fading away. This calls for action, and ASAP; so we have put together a new collection of funny pictures which we hope will help you thwart any negative thoughts who could be trying to ... Read More »

Monday funny pictures – Internet at its finest

You must choose wisely download humor at

Monday funny pictures – Given that unwinding after the weekend while kick-starting a new week isn’t always such an obvious thing to do, please allow to try and ease this cruel transition with a handful of quality chuckles. Humor often turns out to be a well-proven remedy in times like this, so why not give it a shot? Wishing you ... Read More »

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