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Monday mischief – New week melancholy prevention

Funny boozemin flask at PMSLweb.com

Monday mischief – A die hard general belief is that common synonyms of Monday are sorrow, depression, misery, despair or even desolation. While we are aware that the first day of the week can trigger these kinds of emotions, the good news is that this is not a fatality. Indeed, just as the early bird catches the worm, the sooner ... Read More »

Monday guffaws – A little nonsense to start the new week

Taking out the garbage on Monday morning meme

Monday guffaws – Feeling a little mischievous today and are not sure where to start? Please allow us to give a helping hand with our latest edition of internet funnies. Why not take a few and take a spin down claptrap Avenue, chances are you won’t regret… Wishing you a glorious new week and an inspiring PMSLweb moment! Read More »

New week LOL – A few chuckles to start the week

Funny Ice cube then and now at PMSLweb.com

New week LOL – Welcome to our Monday edition of funnies. Because maintaining a certain amount of the positive vibes you gathered during the weekend goes without saying, each and every one of us should make a point of honor to include a few giggles into his schedule today; so please accept our modest contribution with the following collection. Wishing ... Read More »

Monday humor – Funny pics to start the week

No need to repeat yourself quote at PMSLweb.com

Monday humor – Last boarding call for the wild Monday express. A new week of exciting adventures await us, so don’t allow yourselves to miss departure. Wicked on board giggles, chuckle-riddled stopovers and jaw breaking sightseeing are featured in this week’s program, so buckle up and let’s get to it! Wishing you a fun PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Monday funny bone – Igniting the new week


Monday funny bone – While we hope that your weekend turned out to be a synonym of joy and guffaws, it’s now time to focus on the upcoming new week and kick-start the latter correctly. In order to help you make the best of it, we’ve picked out a few funnies as usual to submit to that wicked funny bone ... Read More »

Reckless Monday – When motivation is running low


Reckless Monday – A new week awaits you, and if we can help enhance the latter even slightly with a chuckle or two, our goal will have been reached. If you have a few minutes to waste, please feel free to appreciate the following collection of funnies that we stumbled across during our internet scavenging hours. wishing you a fantastic ... Read More »